Rose-hemp Seed Oil Facial Serum: 100mg



1 oz


100 mg



Recommended Use:

Apply 3-4 drops on clean skin every other night. Avoid contact with the eyes, should the product get into your eyes, rinse well with water.

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Natural Rosehip seed oil with hemp oil, is a powerful anti-oxidant facial treatment. This fast absorbing, lightweight oil is a great natural moisturizer that delivers ultra-hydration to soothe dry skin and restore moisture you skin may be lacking. Hemp oil regulates the skins production of fatty acids and lipids in the skin which prevents breakouts and acne. Utilize this facial serum to combat wrinkles, tone skin, increase complexion.

Rosehip seed oil, is beneficial to skin because it: hydrates, moisturizes, exfoliates, brightens, boosts collagen formation, reduces inflammation, reduces negative effects of UV exposure, reduces scars/fine lines, and reduces hyper pigmentation (skin discoloration). 100 mg of full spectrum hemp extract, which helps regulate skin lipid and fatty acid balance. Natural oils deliver radiant, youthful complexion, along with incredibly supple skin.

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