CBD Fruitzyme Masque


Our CBD Green Enzyme Exfoliating Mask is formulated with the enzymatic properties of grapefruit, cucumber, papaya, pineapple, and aloe vera. This exfoliating peel leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed. While the properties of CBD help repair and moisturize for a non-irritating treatment.



  • Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil helps reduce the appearance of redness while soothing irritations. 
  • Pineapple Enzymes provide enzymatic exfoliators that help smooth the skin's surface.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) chemically peel the skin to help reveal younger, radiant-looking skin.
  • Vitamins C and E help prevent premature aging.


  • Exfoliates without irritating the skin.
  • Stimulates the growth of new skin cells.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, silky smooth, and refreshed.


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