Kronic Releaf Himalayan Salt Scrub Review

Jul 19, 2022

Thanks to the products from Kronic Releaf, we can enjoy cannabidiol (CBD) in all kinds of wonderful ways, from fast-acting, skin-nourishing topicals to delicious, freshly made tinctures.  But, today, we’re focusing on one of the brand’s more unique products, which is their CBD-infused Himalayan Salt Scrub.  This salt scrub does double-duty by exfoliating the skin with detoxifying ingredients, all while infusing the skin, muscles and joints with a topical serving of hemp extract.  So, what makes this salt scrub so special?  Let’s take a closer look.

The Package and Label

This Himalayan Salt Scrub comes in an airtight jar, which is great since it preserves the cannabidiol inside as it can degrade quite quickly, especially when stored in a bathroom, which we do not recommend due to fluctuating humidity levels.  A cool, dark place is always better for keeping the CBD nice and potent.

The label shows you how to use it, the ingredients and how much CBD is in there, and we love when companies make an effort to give us all of the information we need to get the most out of their product and know exactly what’s inside.

Info About the CBD

The scrub contains 100 milligrams of hemp extract that’s naturally rich in cannabidiol, or CBD, the key active ingredient that so many of us love for its multitude of nourishing properties.  It’s a full spectrum hemp extract, meaning that it contains the complete variety of chemical compounds in hemp, offering every single cannabinoid, terpene, flavonoid and nutrient to the skin, joints and muscles for maximum hemp impact.  This promotes the entourage effect, which is a synergistic effect in which absorption is maximized through the presence of each compound in its natural form, as nature intended.

The hemp extract is extracted using an advanced CO2 process which keeps the compounds very active, stable and bioavailable.  It’s fully lab-tested by a third-party testing facility, which is always a good sign as it means that it has been analyzed by an objective source for purity, quality and authenticity, as well as potency.

Key Ingredients

Kronic Releaf emphasizes the use of natural ingredients, never putting fillers, chemical additives or synthetic ingredients into the formulas.  This is extremely beneficial because many of us have skin sensitivities and cannot take harsh ingredients found in so many skincare products.

Turmeric root is the secondary active ingredient after CBD, and we know that it has a lot of anti-inflammatory potential that can be great for the skin and the deep tissue underneath – just like cannabidiol.  Turmeric is also very soothing to irritated skin, and many say that it has the ability to make the skin look younger as well.  After all, who wouldn’t want that?

We want to point out that the sea salt is pink Himalayan sea salt, which is profoundly abundant in antioxidants that can be extremely helpful to the skin.  Known for its detoxifying qualities, it’s simply one of the best ingredients that you could apply on a regular basis.  It’s also one of the best sources of minerals in the world, and those minerals will effectively work their way beneath the skin and into the bloodstream – that’s especially true of magnesium, which does absorb easily when applied topically, and this sea salt has plenty of it.


Salt scrub is an extremely user-friendly product – just scoop some out, massage it into the skin for the desired length of time and rinse it away.  Compared to other CBD products, it’s super simple since you don’t need to measure out doses like you do with oral products.  Use as much or as little as you want to cover the desired areas.

The Experience

It’s best to use this salt scrub directly out of the shower or tub, or even while you are showering or bathing.  Why?  Because the heat of the water and the steam allow the pores of the skin to be fully open, and therefore better prepared to really take in all of the benefits of the product.  Also, open pores allow the salt scrub to really get in there, so to speak, removing impurities and excess oil to be as effective as possible.

Right away, the texture of the scrub was on point, with the right coarseness level to provide thorough exfoliation, but not to the point of irritating the skin with sharp edges.  This is really important, since a lot of scrubs out there can be quite irritating in this regard.

Very quickly, the product made the skin feel smooth – and we mean buttery smooth – which is exactly the desired effect.  After rinsing off, the skin felt supple, soft and completely free of texture, while the turmeric and CBD were clearly having an effect beneath the surface on tension in the muscles.

How Does Kronic Releaf Himalayan Salt Scrub Compare to Other Salt Scrubs on the Market?

Of course, the real difference between this salt scrub and others on the market is that this one contains not only CBD, but turmeric as well, which is something that we don’t see often despite knowing of the many ways in which turmeric root benefits the skin as well as the muscles.  And, the cannabidiol really is the key player here, offering its many properties that directly relate to skin and muscle homeostasis.

Not only that, but this isn’t a scrub that’s loaded with chemicals, which is something that we commonly see in other products.  It’s all-natural, and you won’t have to worry if you’ve got sensitive skin – all that it does is soothe your body head to toe without any questionable ingredients getting in the way of a holistic self-care experience.

Our Final Thoughts on This Product

Kronic Releaf’s Himalayan Salt Scrub goes above and beyond to benefit the skin while introducing a unique form of CBD to the deep tissue in topical form.  It’s a must-have for anyone who loves taking out some time each day for self-care, as massaging it into the skin feels therapeutic, and leaves behind a major glow.  Find it here, and explore what it can do for your daily care routine.