How to Stay Active with the Help of CBD

Jul 19, 2022

A lot of us find that the older we get, the more we neglect the most basic requirements of our daily health.  Maybe we’re overworked, maybe life has been giving us too many curveballs, or maybe we’re simply aging and don’t have the energy we used to.

Kronic Releaf promotes maintaining an active lifestyle.  Traditionally, an active lifestyle refers to finding ways to maintain physical activity throughout the day, whether they be exercise, stretching, or choosing to walk instead of drive to the store.  But, the definition has been evolving quite a bit to incorporate more wellness-oriented goals into the equation.  An active lifestyle no longer refers to strictly physical activity.  It means making smart choices when we eat and making the healthiest choices when it comes to how we confront stress, who we choose to spend our time with, or more.  All of these factors work together holistically to promote maximum wellness.  And, unsurprisingly, cannabidiol (CBD) can help in all kinds of ways.

How Can a Holistic Product Like CBD Help Enhance Your Day-to-Day Life?

Before we get into CBD’s role in helping a person stay physically active, let’s focus on the other aspects of this more modern look at an active lifestyle.  We know that stress can be the enemy of wellness.  It robs us of our physical energy and causes us to make poor decisions when it comes to our emotional wellbeing.

As you may already know, a lot of people around the world take cannabidiol (most of the time daily) to maintain a more mellow state of mind.  Before we get into the specific effects of cannabidiol, we need to provide some basic understanding of what this wonder compound is and why its potential to address so many daily needs at once is more than just a bunch of hype.  CBD is the dominant chemical compound located in hemp, and it’s a cannabinoid, which is a very special type of plant compound.

Cannabinoids like CBD are the only compounds that attach to cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body, belonging to the endocannabinoid system.  These cannabinoid receptors need cannabinoids so that they can regulate adjacent processes of the body that determine our functionality throughout the day, as well as how we feel.  Each cannabinoid receptor regulates a specific task whether it be our energy levels, mood, discomfort levels, ability to focus or so on.

Cannabidiol has been researched at length for its balancing effects on mood, and many people will attest to this as they find that one serving a day helps them better handle life’s challenges and aggravations.  This can help ensure better mental activity, as stress can increase cognitive decline as we age, while, in the more basic sense, robbing us of our ability to live in the moment and feel content.

We also have a better idea, that a key role in maintaining a healthy and long-lasting life is a proper diet.  If we’re being honest with ourselves, a lot of us could do better when it comes to the choices we make when we’re hungry.  We know that a diet rich in nutrients is critical to maintain proper physical, emotional and mental function, and that diets heavy in sugars, carbohydrates and processed ingredients can cause us to age prematurely.

While cannabidiol is not known to inspire a person to eat a healthier diet, is does work in indirect ways.  For one thing, we all make worse food-related choices when we’re stressed, anxious or depressed.  Mood disorders cause us to deprioritize our health, and besides that, many of us become addicted to sugar because it offers a quick emotional boost.

CBD can, however, enhance appetite, which can be great if your problem is failing to eat enough nourishing food each day.  It can even make us appreciate eating more by increasing the release of dopamine when we consume delicious meals.  Meanwhile, the hemp plant is rich in essential nutrients that support our mental and physical health, such as omega fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins.

Maintaining a Physically Active Lifestyle

Exercising is a key part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Besides keeping us in our ideal weight range, it boosts our happy hormones, improves are circulation, benefits our cardiovascular health and helps prevent serious diseases ranging from diabetes to Alzheimer’s.

Now, if you’re not the type of person who has the energy to commit to rigorous exercise throughout the week, we hear you.  It can be hard to work a fitness routine into a lifestyle already bogged down by work and family responsibilities.  But, given the importance of exercise for our health and longevity, it may be worth it to explore some options that can help improve your energy, motivation, and focus, as well as minimize pain and support the body while it recovers.

One of the best things that you can do for your workout regimen is incorporate some good ol’ CBD into your daily lifestyle.  Again, it’s a powerful plant compound that offers numerous properties that can all play a role in how you feel before, during, and after you work out.

Maintaining a Better Fitness Routine with Cannabidiol

As you’re about to find out, many of the properties that come from cannabidiol’s classification as a cannabinoid have a whole lot to do with exercise.  So, we will be breaking it into three sections, since CBD can have a critical part in each of these stages.

Section #1: What CBD Can Offer Before Exercise  

Let’s be real – we’re not always in the mood to exercise.  Especially after a long and tiring week, the idea of finding motivation to get up and push our bodies can seem impossible.  To really get in a good workout, we tend to underestimate just how much we need to be in the game mentally.  But, CBD may help, thanks to cannabinoid receptors in the cognitive center of the brain that regulate things like focus, motivation, mental stamina and enthusiasm.

At the same time, studies have shown that athletes who were given CBD enjoyed enhanced performance and were able to push their bodies harder through a combination of cognitive improvements and a physical boost in energy.  This can be useful to all forms of exercise that involve exertion, including cardio and weight training.  Further, CBD is known for its potential to manage stress, which, as we all know, can seriously sabotage our desire to get in some fitness. 

CBD may also regulate lung function, to enhance lung capacity.  This is especially helpful for those who engage in cardio, HIIT and similar types of endurance-based exercise styles, whose lungs get fatigued early on, causing them to give up early.

Kronic Releaf Product to Try: CBD-Infused Wildflower Honey, with its 250mg of cannabidiol.  Whether enjoyed in the form of a sweet spoonful or drizzled over your favorite snack, it can offer several hours of CBD within the body to really get you in the zone for a successful workout. 

#2: What CBD Can Offer During Exercise 

A lot of us give up exercise early because our muscles get fatigued, or because some aches and pains begin to develop and get in the way of our desire to push ourselves farther.  And, cannabidiol can really come in handy for that too.  Known for offering both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, CBD is great for physical discomfort of all kinds, from head to toe, that can interfere with our workouts.  Not only can it keep existing discomfort at bay, but can also minimize the feeling of muscular fatigue that develops the further we go into a fitness routine.

Kronic Releaf Product to Try: Pineapple TropDrops Full Spectrum Tincture.  This potent, fast-acting CBD tincture gets that wonderful cannabidiol working through the body in no time, while its effects are strong enough to help you feel at ease physically while you engage in exertion.

#3: What CBD Can Offer After Exercise 

Once a workout is complete, it’s time to recover.  We often fail to give our bodies the space to really repair themselves, underestimating just how much exercise can deplete our resources and cause soreness that lingers into the next day.  Again, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties come into play, but also, the cannabinoid offers a general sense of equilibrium throughout the entire body thanks to its connection to the endocannabinoid system.  This can help support the body’s recovery process so that you can feel refreshed and restored.

Kronic Releaf Product to Try: Releaf Spray.  This topical spray is applied to the muscles of the body, as it soaks through the skin to permeate muscular tissue within minutes, lasting for up to 6 hours.  It gives the muscles a little bit of help as they repair themselves, which can help you feel more like yourself when you wake up the next morning.

Enjoy a More Active Lifestyle with the Help of CBD

If you want to live a more active lifestyle to improve your physical and mental health, you might want to look into adding some CBD into your daily routine.  At Kronic Releaf, you’ll find a fresh variety of top-quality hemp products that are rich in pure, lab-tested cannabidiol that each has what it takes to help you maximize your daily physical activity, mental state, appetite, and whole lot more.