CBD Oil for Drinks: A New Way to Get More Out of Your Experience in a Refreshing, Blissful, and Euphoric Way

Jul 19, 2022

CBD oil is one of the most popular types of CBD-based products on the market, offering one of the cleanest formulas with minimal ingredients, and providing superb absorption into the body while giving users the ability to choose from a variety of milligram strengths based on their potency-related preferences.  Of course, CBD oil is most commonly consumed in the form of a tincture – that is, a product that absorbs through the sublingual tissue, below the tongue.  It’s actually extremely versatile, since it can be used in all kinds of ways to achieve different results while getting the same valuable properties for which cannabidiol (CBD) is known for.

Besides taking it as a tincture, CBD oil can provide positive effects when applied topically, and can also be added to food – even recipes, if you’re into the idea of making your own DIY edibles.  But, what about beverages?  Can CBD oil be added to your favorite drink?  Let’s find out.

Can CBD Oil Be Added to Drinks?

Ultimately, the answer is yes – CBD oil can be added to a beverage.  But, here’s the thing: most CBD oil is oil-soluble, which means that it dissolves in oil rather than water.  We know that oil and water don’t mix, so to speak, and basically, trying to add CBD oil to, say, plain water, will cause a separation to occur in which the oil retains its structure in the form of droplets that are unevenly interspersed with the actual water.

The way to work around this is to add CBD oil to a beverage that contains a fat.  This allows the oil to bind to the fat so that it thoroughly dissolves in the water-based liquid.  For instance, if you’re making hot chocolate with a non-fat-free milk, you can mix together the milk and the CBD oil to create a proper emulsion, so that no separation will occur.

Note: Milk isn’t the only liquid that contains fat.  Coconut milk is a great substitute for our dairy-free or vegan friends.

How Drinking CBD Oil Changes Its Absorption

Like we mentioned, taking CBD oil in the form of a tincture is the most common way to consume the product.  When administered in this manner, it properly absorbs through the process of ingestion rather than sublingual absorption.  Essentially, cannabidiol’s effects will last longer – about 8 hours rather than 4 – and take a bit longer to take effect.  While tinctures tend to “kick in” within 45 minutes, ingesting CBD means that it may take up to 90 minutes.

Those effects tend to be more balanced between body and mind, as well.  Many people even report feeling a stronger sense of ease in the body when they ingest this cannabinoid rather than consume it through some other delivery method.  All that being said, the effects of drinking your CBD oil rather than taking it sublingually may appeal to you based on what you’re trying to get out of your hemp experience.

How to Make a CBD Oil-Infused Beverage

If you want to infuse CBD oil into your favorite drink, again, first consider having some type of fat in your beverage to help the product emulsify for a more homogenized result.  From there, it is simply a matter of dosing and stirring.  Put the same amount of CBD oil you’d consume sublingually – likely one full dropper – into the beverage and stir until it’s well-incorporated.  Then sip and enjoy – really is that simple.

Mixing CBD Oil with an Alcoholic Beverage

Now that you know that CBD oil can be added to beverages in most cases, you might be wondering if you can add it to your favorite alcoholic drink.  Ultimately, the answer is yes, as there are no known dangerous interactions between cannabidiol and alcohol.  Keep in mind, however, that both of these products can make some people feel groggy and lightheaded if they’re particularly sensitive.  If you know that you’re sensitive to these effects, it may be best to keep these two products separate from one another in your routine.  Also, because the effects can be stronger, and regardless, if deciding to have more than one alcoholic beverage with or without CBD, NEVER attempt to drink and drive.

Mixing CBD Oil with Coffee or Tea

What about mixing CBD with caffeine, by adding it to coffee or tea?  Again, there are no known negative interactions to worry about in this instance.  In fact, caffeine and cannabidiol seem to have a synergistic relationship, in which the CBD can mellow out the more jittery effects of caffeine.  Plus, caffeine can bring out the more alertness-enhancing properties of CBD.

CBD Oil: More Versatile Than You May Think 

As you can see, CBD oil is a product that, in many ways, can be personalized to suit your most specific preferences and personal goals when it comes to the hemp plant.  Although CBD oil is not water-soluble, mixing it with a fat allows you to incorporate it into a wide array of beverages so that you can sip the properties of cannabidiol and experience longer-lasting effects.  Kronic Releaf CBD Oils are flavored to add a tasty kick to your CBD-drinking experience.