CBD-Infused Wildflower Raw Honey Review

Jul 19, 2022

It is always nice to encounter a new way to take cannabidiol (CBD).  We’re certainly not knocking gummies, tinctures, and other more traditional hemp-infused products, but at the same time, we love when companies get creative with their formulations to allow us to incorporate CBD into our routines in entirely new and exciting ways.  

Kronic Releaf CBD-Infused Wildflower Raw Honey is one of those products.  We all love honey, and this innovative take on an edible comes with loads of versatility, as we can enjoy the product however we choose – adding it to tea, spreading it on toast, drizzling it on ice cream or enjoying it by the spoonful.  Basically, the possibilities are endless.


We love that this jar looks like the type of thing you’d find in an artisanal shop, where local beekeepers drop off glass jars of the most appetizing-looking honey around.  The jar is made from nice, sturdy glass, and has an airtight seal to keep the contents as fresh as possible.  On the label, you will find all the info needed about the ingredients, serving size, directions for use, and milligram strength.


As most people out there would want from CBD-infused honey, this jar contains only honey and full spectrum hemp extract – 250mg, to be exact.  The honey is raw and organic, coming from wildflower fields in Texas.  If that wasn’t enough, it’s derived from rescued bees (once at-risk colonies have been relocated, and roam freely on treatment-free apiaries), which means that by purchasing this honey, you’re supporting efforts to save the bee population in the United States.  There are also no preservatives or other additives in this formula.

Company Transparency

Kronic Releaf is a brand that’s known for their transparency with customers, which is one of many reasons why hemp enthusiasts trust them.  They are extremely transparent about how they source their hemp material, how they make their extractions, the ingredients that they use and so on, to build trust and prove that they’re using some of the best methods available.

Lab Reports

Like any good hemp company, each batch of their CBD extracts is tested by a third-party laboratory that’s registered with the state and authorized to analyze hemp.  This way, the company can provide lab reports that prove that they are producing clean, pure, federally compliant, and potent hemp extract to customers through their various formulas.


Honestly, we would be purchasing this honey even if it didn’t contain any cannabidiol.  Its flavor is simply excellent, and no honey connoisseur will be disappointed.  The fact that it’s wildflower honey gives it a floral and almost fruity quality that makes you want to savor spoonful after spoonful.

Experience and Effects

Extremely satisfied with this honey in terms of the actual experience it provided us with.  Because it’s an edible, you can expect it to take effect somewhere between 1 and 2 hours, with the effects lasting for about 8 or so hours.  Honey is not separated into individual portions, so how strongly you feel the effects depends on how much you consume.  We had a full tablespoon right out of the jar and felt a nice mellowing effect that lasted through much of the day, with the known properties of cannabidiol providing a soothing quality to both the body and the mind.

The Takeaway

Overall hard to not to enjoy this delicious CBD-infused honey, since it checks all of the boxes when it comes to quality, flavor, and effectiveness.  So, we strongly recommend it if you enjoy consuming hemp in an edible form, and also want a nice alternative from the more conventional edibles that dominate today’s market.