Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you must be exploring every option out there to make this special day even better. Picking out the right music, making reservations and setting the perfect vibe. 

We believe nothing sets the mood better than the soothing fragrance of sunflower, tea tree and cannabis sativa. That’s why we at Kronic Releaf, have put together the perfect gift set for you.

Bringing Real Releaf

Our Valentine’s gift set comes with three essential

oil droppers to set the mood for your

Valentine’s day plans.

This bundle box comes with all of the following in your choice of scent:

Active 8


Green Releaf


All for $57, regular priced at $40

RRP $57.00/ Deal $40

All for $57, regular priced at $40

All of Kronic’s products use CBD as their primary ingredient mainly to uplift general health & well being, help reduce anxiety & stress, and aid in chronic pain management.

Our Valentine’s bundle of three essential oil droppers, are a perfect gift to celebrate with your special someone. Encapsulate the soothing fragrance of sunflower, tea tree and cannabis sativa for a natural aroma all day. Its fragrance helps reduce stress, while inducing a sense of calm, and harmonizing the senses.


6 ounce GOLD travel tin


13 1/2  ounce glass jar


1/2 ounce Essential Oil roll on GEMS with Hemp Extract


“I’m a lacrosse player and it’s a pretty brutal sport getting checked with sticks on my knees and arms. I like this, I spray and play. Looks like water and doesn’t have a weird smell. I use it to combat the pain I encounter on the field.”


“I workout 5-6 days a week and use Kronic Releaf CBD for complete muscle recovery. I spray it before I got to bed, and the morning after I don’t feel any soreness! It really helps me improve my performances!”


“At first I did not believe this product would work, I suffer with knee and severe lower back pain. I am so relieved and now my pain is alleviated. I used to think of having back surgery but using this daily really helps me manage my lifestyle and job.”



  • Ease stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Boost feelings of relaxation.
  • Create a tranquil, sensual and seductive ambience.
  • Help improve quality of sleep.
  • Maintain a balanced mood throughout the day.
  • Feel refreshed and energetic.
  • Revive both mind and body.

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